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 Are you a Property Valuatoin Firms looking to join the ValQuotes network?

ValQuotes is a nation wide Property Valuation network. Combining the latest technology and partnering up with some of the biggest nationalwide firms and smaller specialised property valuation firms around Australia. Our Corporate clients include nationwide government departments, lawyers, accountants, real estate agent, building insurance managers and surveyors.

Heres where we get leads from in a typical week:


If you proivde property valuation quotes in Australia, you can apply to become a ValQuotes trusted firm.

As a bare minimum, before applying, please ensure that:

1) You have an ABN (and if a company also an ACN) and have been operating for at least 6 months.

2) You have an active website and proper company email account.

3) You are Licensed Valuers in your State members.

To apply, please use this form. And you will receive provided information on how it all works.

We look forward to welcming you to the ValQutoes network!