Capital Gains Tax

Capital Gains Tax Valuation

Valuation of your property and assets are essential as they have to be submitted to the Tax Office for Capital Gains Tax purposes. In order to refrain from any kind of tax liability, it is important to get your property evaluated so that adequate tax in paid. Our valuers have the specialisation in evaluating property specifically for the purposes of submission to the Australian Tax Office. We have the understanding that our valuation for this purpose needs to be accurate as it has to be submitted to the Tax Office hence our team strives to provide precise property valuation in order to save our clients from any illegal abhorrence.

We are considered as a top valuation service in the market for a number of reasons. When our clients require selling off their property by lengthy transactions, they require our services in order to calculate the capital gains received by their property. The Income Tax authorities apply tax payments on such properties and valuations then become a necessity. If you plan to move out of your property or rent it out on a lease, there would be a requirement of valuation in order to calculate the capital gains for the future whenever they are applicable. Moreover, if you have acquired a property that is to become a residence on a presiding date, valuation of the property in question is important for capital gains purposes as well. Such a scenario would call for two types of valuations: first of before the time when you occupy the property and the second from the time since you have occupied the property.

After the 2012 Federal Budget, there have been a number of changes in capital gains tax valuation rules within the country which makes our valuation services more value as we employ experienced expert valuers. The changes by the 2012 Federal Budget have greatly affected offshore owners and non-residents. These changes resulted in removal of the 50 per cent capital gains tax discount previously granted to non-residents. However, despite this change in the regulations, non-residents can still gain this benefit previously available to them by seeking aid from their financial advisors. We promise to provide valuation for this purpose particularly as our report will be important for determining the tax liability of offshore and non-resident clients.

We aim to provide our clients with quality valuers that are not available in the market and a high quality of service entails with them. For non-residents effected by the changes in the regulations, and those property owners that wish to move out and rent their property, or move back in their property once the tenancy has expired, our services are extremely relevant.

Total capital of an organization is very important to understand its true worth. So you are required to understand how much your total capital is and what are the laws governing it to ensure you make accurate payments of taxes incurred on it. The total capital of the company is generated from different sources and it is important to keep track of all the sources and how much capital is generated from it. After that you will have to know how much tax is applied on your total capital and when to pay that tax, which makes this job quite impossible for someone with less or no knowledge of current market and regulations. So in this situation you are required to attain services of property valuers who also do valuations of tax incurred on your capital gain.

Taxation valuations

Owning a home is definitely not a cheap thing. Buying a property involves tons of different expenses that are impossible to avoid. One of the main expenses from all these expenses is taxation which is inevitable. Just as you buy the property taxes are applied right at that minute and also the dues of taxes can also be passed from one owner to another. You might think that hiring property valuers is another add up in the expenses, but it is actually quite beneficial for the buyer or seller. When you will have A clear idea of the actual value of the property it will become easier to sell the property at it deserved cost. This is important for both the buyer and the seller of the property.



Taxation Valuations

What are Taxation Valuations?

A taxation valuation is where professional property valuers evaluate a piece of real estate and put a price on it for taxation purposes. In most cases, taxation valuations are intended to help people do their taxes, learn about the value of the real estate they own, and/or minimize their tax risk.

Why do people require Taxation Valuations?

Taxation valuations are basically designed to help people with tax related matters and issues, but many wonder exactly why a person requires a taxation valuation. Well, the following are the two distinct reasons for which a person might require a taxation valuation from professional property valuers:

To help them with their taxes

The first reason for which a person might require a taxation valuation is to help them with their taxes. The properties that a person owns play quite an important role in their taxes, and if a person is to successfully do their taxes, they need to know how much the real estate they own is worth, and this is where taxation valuations come in and save the day.

To resolve any issues with the Australia Tax Office

The ATO (Australia Tax Office) is the agency responsible for all the tax-related matters of the entire country. The Australia Tax Office has extremely distinctive perceptions and ideas on the categorization of assets, the value of assets and the methods used to calculate the value of assets. It is because of these distinct perceptions that many Australians tend to get into conflicts involving the real estate they own with the ATO. The second reason why people often need taxation property valuations is in order to help resolve any issues with the Australia Tax Office.

Why you should choose us for Taxation Valuations

The market valuation guidelines put forth by the Australia Tax Office dictate that an entity performing a taxation valuation must have the following two qualities:

  • The entity must be acting independently, which means that the entity must not have any share in the piece of real estate they it is about to valuate for taxation purposes.
  • The entity must have all the appropriate qualifications, licensing and experience that are required to evaluate and put a price on the property in question as accurately as possible.
  • The sole reason why people should choose us to perform taxation property valuations for them is because we do not have any shares in any of the properties that we put a price on and because we have all the appropriate qualifications, licensing and experience required for putting a price on any piece of real estate. This takes care of the technical reasons why a person should choose us to perform their taxation valuation. Some of the most significant non-technical reason why a person should choose us to perform their taxation valuation is because we try our best to produce results that are in the favor of our clients, because we are honest and because we have the best interests of our clients in mind at all times.