Separation & De Facto Relationships

Separation Valuation and De-facto relationships Valuations

De Facto Relationship and separation valuation is amongst the most profound property transactions. Any division of property that deals with persons that are separating from each other or undergoing the legal process of a divorce, will in any case be not an easy ask. Our experienced expert valuers understand this sensitivity to the fullest extent. Within the market, our valuation services have proven to have an impeccable repute as our customers receive accurate advice from our valuers, as we have constructed our business step by step over an extensive period of time.

Sometimes, various numbers of disputes can arise once the property has been transacted. This happens when at a later stage when it is discovered that one of the parties in question has benefited more than the other. Such a situation can easily be avoided by hiring us as your independent current market valuer. This would help to gain a proper market valuation before entering into any contract relating to your property like a buy-out, settlement, or sale.

When the issue relates to de-facto relationship or settlement valuations, one has to consider a number of significant factors that can affect the benefit you receive. Our valuers have had the experience of some cases where issues arise after the transaction has been completed and the property has been divided entirely. Therefore, we make it our responsibility to evaluate the property with extreme caution, particularly when de-facto relations and separations are in question. Our team consists of dedicated and experienced valuers that examine the valuations from each and every perspective in order to determine the one that is best suited by being most fair, equitable and transparent for all the parties that are involved.

We are registered by the government and this puts an extra onus on our valuers to avoid even the smallest of mistakes which could result in causing problems. We have an excellent track record of satisfying our clients as none of them had any matter left unattended to complain about. This is all a result of our first and foremost objective of providing all our clients with identical quality services. Our valuation process involves meeting and discussing with the clients and their lawyers in detail before beginning our work, to get the best picture we can.

Division of assets does surely involve an emotional process. This is where our services are extremely relevant. Our valuers have proven to be your property’s best confederate. Being the professionals we are, we assure an unbiased, neutral and expert advice. Newly wed couples who are optimistic towards their relationship claim that they can never face such a situation, but statistical evidence does suggest otherwise. Each and every dollar is essential and negotiable when the assets are being divided hence, to minimise risking your rightful share of the property, always go for expert advice from us.

The valuation of property in the situation of separation or De Facto is quite complicated and also very sensitive. Therefore, it is advised you always take services of professional registered property valuers in such sensitive situations as they will help divide the property properly, cautiously and without any kind of biasness. So if you would like to make sure the transaction is transparent then you need to hire a professional before taking any kind of steps related to the transaction, with this you will have a fair and also completely hassle free dealing.